Isabel Green

  • Senior
  • Systems
  • Danbury, CT
  • 22 years old
  • In a Relationship with David Cohen, a Brandeis Senior
  • Jewish and Liberal
    • Safety and Ethics Coordinator
    • Designing a pill packaging machine for Pharmadyne
  • Transport
  • OSS
    • Automation Sensors
  • AHS Capstone
    • Writing music for string quartets

"Refined, Liberal" are the two words Isabel uses to describe herself. Active in Babson's Hillel program and dating a Brandeis senior, Isabel is very involved in the Jewish community west of Boston. "I try to go to services twice a month with David (Isabel's boyfriend) and keep track of my relatives and friends currently in Israel attending yeshiva. After Olin, Isabel plans on getting involved with the Peace Corps ("I check their website constantly for new info, but that's really the only site I go to all the time.") She's Safety and Ethics coordinator for Pharmadyne, a SCoPE project with the goal of designing a pill packaging machine ("And if I can get someone at Pharmadyne to donate some TB drugs to Africa, so much the better," she adds.)

She claims about 2-3 hours of her life are spent online daily, "mostly looking up Israel and Peace Corp stuff". She also uses the internet for her AHS Capstone project, writing string quartet music in the style of Pachelbel. "The library system doesn't have anything I need, so I need to find some books and have them shipped." A 4-year OCO member, she once played the Cello in the Disney "Young Symphony Orchestra". She'll ocassionally log onto AIM to talk to David or arrange a group meeting, "but I'd much rather talk in person").