Haley Jacobs

  • Freshman
  • Undeclared (Probably Bio-E)
  • Redwood City, CA
  • 18 years old
  • Single and Looking Female
  • Politically Apathetic
  • Integrated Course Block (ICB)
  • Design Nature
  • What is I?

Haley describes herself as "easygoing and social". Though her father is a programmer at Electronic Arts and works from home ocassionally, Haley has never really liked computers, though she does enjoy the product of her father's work on the XBox and Playstation consoles. "I'm not technical at all", she says, "but I do like console games, especially Madden. It's so fun!" In high school, Haley learned from her friends about AOL Instant Messenger and LiveJournal, and her father helped her set up both accounts. Besides having AIM open, Haley self-assesses her internet usage at 1-2 hours daily, but "more if I'm working on a project." When she got to Olin, she needed help from an upperclassmen on setting up her calendar in Outlook.

Even though she now uses AIM throughout the day, Haley would much rather talk to people in real life. "We're all here, right? Why not just find someone to talk to?" On of her fears is missing a really cool on-campus party ("nothing off-campus, my father would kill me!"). When she's not working or talking to people, Haley loves to follow the San Fransisco 49ers. Her favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls and Desperate Housewives. She likes listening to alternative "emo" music such as Death Cab For Cutie and Dashboard Confessional. She'd like to play soccer, but since she got to Olin she hasn't had enough time: "My schedule doesn't allow for it. A game on the weekend would be nice."